Performance practice in contemporary vocal compositions

  • March – April – May 2020
  • Only available for master students voice, studying in an ERASMUS+ partner institution (3 months). All voice types.

    Open for:

  • Min. 1 student, max. 2 master students voice
  • A sample to the score is available here
  • This module offers 1 or 2 singers specific training in contemporary performance practice. The learning experience takes place in the stimulating environment of the deSingel Arts Campus.

    The course consists of:

  • Vocal coaching & contemporary vocal practice
  • Stylistic coaching in contemporary repertoire
  • Analysis & Contemporary repertoire (methodology of score reading)
  • Contemporary Chamber Music
  • Public performances in the Contemporary Music Ensemble XXI
  • Full methodology programme about the different approaches to contemporary repertoire and contemporary vocal techniques.

    Anna Heuer Hansen, a danish dance student at the conservatoire made this short film about her life studying in Antwerp.

    At the deSingel Arts Campus, you will be immersed into the professional international art scene on a daily basis. Concerts and presentations by major international musicians, theatre and dance companies are interspersed with your lessons and the bridge to professional life is never far away. The Music department has forged strong connections with Kunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen Royal Ballet Flanders and with contemporary music ensembles like Champ d’Action and Hermes Ensemble.

    Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • Vocal technique and stylistic coaching: Els Mondelaers and others, according to the compositions
  • Vocal coaching: Gary Jankowski, Stephanie Friede, Anne Cambier
  • Analysis & Contemporary repertoire: Wim Henderickx
  • Contemporary Music Ensemble XXI & stylistic coaching: Frank Agsteribbe
  • Contemporary Chamber Music: Nico Couck
  • Possible extras:

  • Courses from the list of (Elective) Courses at the Royal Conservatoire, Antwerp
  • 24 ECTS

  • Voice (9 ECTS)
  • Chamber Music (6 ECTS)
  • Music Practice – Ensemble XXI (6 ECTS)
  • Analysis and contemporary repertoire (3 ECTS)
  • 6 to 8 hours/ week

    3 months

    Entrance examination:

  • Online audition (internet link, video) through EASY deadline: 1 June 2019
  • Please include a link to a video as well as a c.v. with your application form.
  • The video (audio-visual recording) must contain at least 4 arias from the 20th century and Contemporary repertoire performed live - without any audio/ video post-production.
  • Teachers will review the material submitted and will communicate the results of the selection by 15 June 2019 (upon receipt of application documents).
  • Description of the final examination:

  • Permanent artistic evaluation over 3 months
  • and Final public artistic performance test
  • Total expenses of the EOA module per student:

  • Free for students in Erasmus Programme, currently studying for a master's degree. (Not available for Postgraduates or third cycle degree)
  • Students must provide in their own accommodation, meals and travelling costs.
  • Teaching language/Required level of language: English – B2

    Activity: Performance
    Academy of music: Antwerp
    Language training: English
    Student: Singers

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