Experimental Opera Incubator

Name and place of institution

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Period of the EOA module in 2017-2018

  • January 15th , 2018 – April 15th , 2018

Available for students from ERASMUS+ partner institutions and Nordplus NordOpera network

Description of the module

Incubator invites opera singers to develop strong creative concepts related to opera as ‘voice in (urban) landscape’ in a contemporary context. Concept proposal should be presented by the end of September 2017. Selected authors of projects will be invited to the Incubator for concept development, creative interdisciplinary collaboration, production and presentation of the project in the program of the 7th Contemporary opera festival NOA (New Opera Action).

Creative projects such as short opera, performing art production, sound or interdisciplinary installation, contemporary music theatre, musical action and other form of multidisciplinary work that discover new ways of artistic expression, explore new spaces, community contexts, promote innovative communication and create new audiences, are welcome.

Incubator provides assistance in concept and dramaturgy development, visual solutions, performance coaching, improvisation, technical and artistic production. Projects that require involvement of music & digital technology (electronics, spatial sound, etc.), interactive recordings, installations will be assisted by a technical and creative staff of Music Innovation Studies Centre, www.misc.lmta.lt.

NOA will be a platform for public presentation of the project. Festival is organized by production house OPEROMANIJA aimed at creating and developing experimental new music theatre through diverse artistic collaborations. Since 2008 it has produced over 40 contemporary operas and various multidisciplinary art projects.



Speciality of this module in comparison with other courses in Europe

Such development and production of creative opera projects in interdisciplinary teams is unique. The Incubator promotes broader conceptual approach of the opera genre, which leads to experimentation and development of strong innovative creative ideas. Academy offers the Incubator module in cooperation with the Contemporary opera festival NOA (New Opera Action), which is produced by OPEROMANIJA. Such shared teaching and production assistance is a unique platform for creative and artistic development.

Names of the Professors of this module

List of educational and production assistants available (depends on the concrete creative project):

Artistic production: Ana Ablamonova
Composition and electronics: Mantautas Krukauskas
Concept development: Mantautas Krukauskas, Artūras Bumšteinas
Dramaturgy: Gabrielė Labanauskaitė
Improvisation: Liudas Mockūnas, Rūta Vitkauskaitė
Lighting design: Julius Kuršys
Music and digital technology: Julius Aglinskas, Jonas Jurkūnas
Performance coaching: Vykintas Baltakas, Rūta Vitkauskaitė
Visual and set design: Simona Biekšaitė

Possible extras in addition to the module

Vocal coaching: Algirdas Janutas, Asta Krikščiūnaitė
Courses from the list of Elective Courses at LMTA http://lmta.lt/en/elective-courses
Intensive course “Introduction to Lithuanian Culture” (1 week, beginning of February)
Festival/organizational practice (management skills)

Number of EOA students

Min. 2 - max. 4 students

Number of teaching/production hours of the EOA module


Number of ECTS credits within Master's accreditation


Duration of the Module

~ 3 months

Entrance examination

Creative projects applications should be sent in week 39

(last week of September 2017 – before October 1st , 2017)

Followed by evaluation/assessment, which will take 2 weeks, the results will be sent to all applicants.

Authors of selected projects will be informed about the fee in the invitation letter (sent not later than week 42 – before October 22nd , 2017)

Description of the final examination

Public performance

Total expenses of the EOA module per student

Between € 900,00 and € 1500,00 * ** ***

*Prices do not include travel or living expenses.

** Prices are only applicable for students not currently studying for a bachelor, master's or third cycle degree.

***Total price for postgraduates depends on the complexity of the production, size of supporting educational/creative/production team and selected extras.

For further information please contact Rima Rimsaite

NOTE: The final realisation of this module is subject to the number of selected applicants.

Module type: Production
Academy of music: Vilnius
Period: winter, spring

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