Criteria & Certification

Students who apply for a European Opera Academy module take their entrance examination with the teaching staff of this module at their chosen academy of music. You will receive information on the required preparation for the entrance examination from the academy of music where you applied. It is important to know that admission to a programme depends not just on your results, but mainly on your potential and willingness to develop. After completing the chosen module(s), Bachelor, Master's or third cycle students from cooperating music academies can get ECTS credits, which have to be recognised by the ‘mother institution’. In other words: you will receive your diploma at the institution where you are enrolled as a student. Postgraduates (professionals no longer studying at an institution) will receive a certificate from the European Opera Academy (non-trainees) or from an affiliated partner of the European Opera Academy where they completed their traineeship.


Candidates who are current Bachelor, Master's or third cycle students, as well as postgraduates doing a traineeship, are eligible for the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 1. Other postgraduates enrol with private financing. The tuition costs can be found on the module information page .