Creating and performing contemporary Opera

August 20th – November 23rd
communication languages EN

4-6 vocal students

The module will be divided into three periods:

Creative period (approx. 5 weeks):

Students from the Academy of Opera and the Academy of Theatre in collaboration with the Norwegian Academy of Music will take part in this exploration on the creation of an opera. The students are divided into 3 groups, each consisting of 1 composer, 2-3 instrumentalists and 2-3 singers. During 4 intensive weeks, the singers will actively cooperate and take part in the composing process. They will through improvisations and discussions be creating and performing a mini-opera. The compositions will be based on new texts, created by master students in stage writing.

The aim of this period is to give each student a possibility to develop their own creativeness and a deepened understanding of different levels and stages in the creative process.

The period leads up to a public presentation of the results during the Ultima festival 2018, Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. http://ultima.no/

Preparing period (approx. 4 weeks):

This period will mainly be dedicated to studying and preparing scenes and excerpts from works by the contemporary German opera composer Manfred Trojahn (1949). https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manfred_Trojahn

Performing period (approx. 5 weeks):

During this period, the main subject will be performing of these scenes. The main focus will be on the trilogy “ Limonen aus Sizilien ”.

These short operas are suitable for young singers, and the students will have the luxury of studying and learning from both our Prof Gregor Bühl, who has been working closely with the composer, and Manfred Trojahn himself. Prof Bühl has conducted several of Trojahns' operas and the participants will have a good introduction and understanding of the pieces.

Additional teachers will be coaches, singing teachers and stage directors of the Opera academy. The period will end up with a “semi-staged” concert presenting the work.

Creative period:
Prof Henrik Helstenius, Norwegian Academy of Music
Prof Tore Vagn Lid (Dramaturgy)

Preparing period:
Tore Vagn Lid (Contemporary opera/dramaturgy/history)
Boris Schäfer, Norwegian Opera (coaching)

Performing period:
Prof Gregor Bühl, Opera Academy
Prof Manfred Trojahn
Boris Schäfer

Additional teachers will be coaches, singing teachers and stage directors of the Opera academy

Possible extras:

  • singing lessons
  • movement classes
  • lectures on contemporary and classic opera
  • Description of final examination:
  • Public presentation end of period one
  • Public presentation end of period three

Activity: Acting, Creation, Performance, Production, Training
Academy of music: Oslo
Language training: German
Student: Singers

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