Opera performance with orchestra and conductor

January 15th - April 12th
communication language: EN

1 or 2 vocal students

The European Opera is responding to new developments in music theatre by offering various modules at selected academies of music throughout Europe. This entrepreneurial platform is a meeting point for international benchmarking in professional opera and music theatre education, taking into account the personal needs and talents of each individual student.

In this module, the student singers work in a production in cooperation with conductors and musicians from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and a professional stage director. The repertoire is selected from the classical to romantic periods of opera, with focus on the Italian repertoire. After preparatory work, with vocal, musical interpretation and language coaching, a production period ensues consisting of stage work and orchestral rehearsals leading up to a performance with lighting, costumes and makeup.

Upon completion of this module students should be able to:

  • work with maintained independence with a conductor, director and orchestra
  • use and relate to masks, costumes, lighting and stage design
  • discuss and problematize their own artistic attitude in relation to other professional groups

The Stockholm University of the Arts has educations in all performing arts related professions: scenography, costume, masque, light design, directing.

Stina Ancker and Christine Morgan.

Description of final examination:

Students are assessed regarding achievement of the intended learning outcomes through their reports on the audience-watched performance and a subsequent discussion in the group reflecting on how performing a role is influenced by and interacts with other professional groups in a production.

Possible extras:

Stockholm is a culturally interesting and beautiful city. There is the Royal Opera and the more alternative Folkoperan. The University of the Arts is a great environment for all performing arts.

Activity: Acting, Performance, Production
Academy of music: Stockholm
Student: Singers

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