The European Opera Academy is an ambitious European platform of music academies that exchange best practices in music theatre and opera education for young professionals.

The European Opera is responding to new developments in music theatre by offering various modules at selected academies of music throughout Europe. This entrepreneurial platform is a meeting point for international benchmarking in professional opera and music theatre education, taking into account the personal needs and talents of each individual student.


Excellent Bachelor, Master's and third cycle students from participating music academies and postgraduates in singing and opera performance will be admitted to the programmes of the European Opera Academy. The European Opera Academy will prepare those potential opera singers for the best possible future. By attending the modules offered, students can each develop their own specific forte and thus strengthen their competitive position on the job market. They will be part of an exchange of best practices, transnational knowledge and education, as well as a future-oriented job creation.


The European Opera Academy was initiated by the Conservatorium Maastricht.

Together with its talented students and teaching staff, Conservatorium Maastricht aims to excel and add value. We believe in collectivity. In passion. In the will to shine together. To challenge each other and excel ourselves. In and with music. Setting up the European Opera Academy fits in seamlessly with the Conservatorium Maastricht philosophy. With Europe being the cradle of opera as well as a continent with huge cultural and social diversity, it makes perfect sense for its best music academies to join forces. We are happy to take the lead, and hope to inspire these academies of music, especially the students who will be studying within this platform, and to work with them on innovating creation and performance.

Artistic Council

An Artistic Council has been set up to safeguard the quality of the modules of the European Opera Academy. This Artistic Council consists of five representatives of participating academies of music. Its compostion changes by rotation schedule. Conservatorium Maastricht has the only permanent seat.