ANT 1. Operetta role study and fully produced performance

Operetta role study and fully produced performance

Name and place of institution:

Royal Conservatory, Antwerp – Belgium

Period of the EOA module in 2022-2023:

January—February—March 2023 (final performances might be April 1&2)
Only available for students from ERASMUS+ partner institutions (3 months)

Description of the module:

  1. Offenbach: La Périchole

In this intensive 3 month course, students will experience a complete operetta production, from the first musical rehearsals to the fully staged performances of the opera in the theatre. The singers will be accompanied by the student symphony orchestra of the Royal Conservatory Antwerp. This experience will take place in the stimulating environment of the deSingel Arts Campus.
The module is intended for: 2 tenors and 2 baritones in the roles of Piquillo, Don Miguel de Panatellas (tenors) and Don Andres de Ribeira, Don Pedro de Hinoyosa (baritones). This operetta will be double cast using both current students at The Royal Conservatory Antwerp and selected applicants of this module.  The objectives are the mastering of vocal and artistic challenges inherent in these roles, the musical and dramatic preparation thereof, and the search for individual interpretative concepts. The course will help singers develop their knowledge of the French operetta repertoire and provide a full immersion into the style, performance and French language preparation. Special attention will be paid to the art of spoken dialog, and how to transition from speaking to singing. The existing dialog will be rewritten under the stage director’s guidance, in a mixture of French, German, Italian, English and Dutch, utilising the linguistic strengths of each individual singer.


The course will consist of:

  1. Individual voice lessons with the voice faculty.
  2. Coachings with the head of collaborative piano and other relevant coaches.
  3. Acting and stage movement lessons.
  4. French language coaching.
  5. Dialog coaching.
  6. Musical rehearsals with the conductor and pianists.
  7. Scenic rehearsals with the stage director, conductor and pianists.
  8. At least one full performance of the opera.
  9. Participation in a specially designed history module around La Périchole/Offenbach.
  10. Optional courses from the list of Elective Courses at the Royal Conservatoire, Antwerp
  11. Participants will interact with the regular students of the conservatory.


The cultural scene in Antwerp city encourages immersion into the professional international art scene on a daily basis. At deSingel Arts Campus, concerts and presentations by major international musicians, theatre and dance companies intermingle with lessons, bridging the gap between student and professional life.


In addition, the music department fosters a strong affiliation with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen (OBV), providing opportunities to attend rehearsals and performances at their theatres in both Antwerp and Ghent.

Professors involved in this module:

Anne Cambier (French language coach)

Stijn Saveniers (conductor, music director and operetta specialist)

Guy Joosten (scenic interpretation lessons)
Koen Kessels (coach piano accompaniment)

Stephan Weytjens (history)

Jeanne-Minette Cilliers (studienleiter: voice; collaborative piano)

Voice teachers: Anne Cambier, Gary Jankowski, Susanne Schimmack

Number of EOA students:

2 tenors (Piquillo, Don Miguel de Panatellas)

2 baritones (Don Andres de Ribeira, Don Pedro de Hinoyosa)


Number of ECTS credits:
Total 24 ECTS
– Opera (6 ECTS)
– Language coaching  (3 ECTS)
– Voice (9 ECTS)
– Music Practise (6 ECTS)

Duration of the module:

3 months

Number of teaching/production hours of the EOA module:
Up to 20 hours/week

Application process:

First Deadline: April 15, 2022

Second Deadline: September 15, 2022

Application materials:

Application form

Current CV 

Letter of Motivation
A video link (audio-visual recording) containing AT LEAST 2 Arias with piano/orchestra: 

1 operetta aria, preferably in French; 

1 aria of choice in any language and style) 

Both must be performed live without any audio / video post-production.


Our panel will review the material submitted and will communicate the results of the selection by 30 September 2022 (upon receipt of application documents).

Final examination:

Artistic performance exam in the form of the operetta performance(s), accompanied by the student symphony orchestra of the Royal Conservatory Antwerp.


Total expenses of the EOA module per student:
Free for students in the Erasmus Program, currently enrolled in a  Bachelor, Master or third cycle degree (not available for postgraduates).
Students must provide their own accommodation, meals and traveling costs.


Accepted students must complete the following materials prior to arrival in Antwerp:

  1. EOA form
  2. Regular Erasmus application
Module Code : ANT 1.
Institution : Antwerp
Dates : January – February – March 2023
Student : Singer
Language : English
Activity : Training
Module Type : Training / Opera production