GEN 1. French Repertoire

Full time Module:

  • September 21st, 2022 – January 24th, 2023


  • February 19th, 2023 – May 19th, 2023

Open for:

  • Min. 1, max. 2 vocal students


  • French phonetics (theory and practice)
  • French phonetics coaching
  • French repertoire and opera coaching
  • Vocal technique and style coaching in French repertoire
  • Stage work – French opera
  • Masterclass – French repertoire

Public performances and discussion of all requirements of the chosen repertoire

Specialisation in French opera with full linguistic and stylistic background. Choice of repertoire according to student’s needs. Individual teaching with full recognition of the artistic potential and possibilities of each student.

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • Prof. Sacha Michon and Florence Million-Krattenmacher (French phonetics & coaching).
  • Nina Uhari (French repertoire and opera coaching).
  • Vocal technique and style coaching: students choose one of the Vocal Department professors: Marcin Habela, Maria Diaconu, Jeanne Roth, Stuart Patterson, Clémence Tilquin…
  • Marc Mayoraz (stage work)
  • Masterclass

Possible extras:

  • Preparation of an entire role from French opera repertoire: Nina Uhari.
  • Grotowski’s Theater Training, Marc Mayoraz.
  • French Baroque Coaching, sessions: Dorota Cybulska
  • French Baroque Opera Coaching, sessions: Leonardo Garcia Alarcon (with the participation of the Maestro al Cembalo class of the Early Music Department)
  • French Contemporary Vocality and Repertoire: Marcin Habela
  • French Chamber Music: Guy-Michel Caillat
  • Masterclass and seminars
  • Professional Practice (career strategy, preparation for the auditions and auditions for artistic institutions in Switzerland)


Entrance examination: Required repertoire:

  • 1 aria in French
  • 1 aria free choice
  • 2 French melodies

Description of the final examination:

  • Progress examination
  • and final public performance (only in Full time module)

Total expenses of the EOA module per student and what is included/ excluded in this price:

  • Full time module: free for students in Erasmus Programme (Swiss Mobility Programme)

Communication language: English and French

Module Code : GEN 1
Institution : Geneva
Dates : September 2022 – January 2023 OR February – May 2023
Student : Singer
Language : French / English
Activity : Performance Training
Module Type : Language-specific repertoire studies