LOD 3. Professional preparation of the entire operatic role

Period of the EOA module in 2020-2021

  • October 2020 – January 2021


  • February – May 2021 (min. 3 months)

Professional preparation of the entire opera part is dedicated for students who want to learn an opera part for ensemble or stage rehearsals.

Preparation includes:

  • work with a singing teacher on vocal technique and interpretation of the opera part;
  • work with the pianist (opera coach) on the style and musical issues;
  • preparation for public performance on the stage.

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • prof. Urszula Kryger, (mezzosoprano)
  • prof. Beata Zawadzka-Kłos, (soprano)
  • prof. Włodzimierz Zalewski, (bass)
  • prof. Piotr Miciński, (bass)
  • prof. Ziemowit Wojtczak, (baritone)
  • prof. Krzysztof Bednarek (tenor)

e. a.

Possible extra’s beside the module

Parts open to applicants:

  • The Student also has the opportunity to work in the recording studio to prepare the demo recording (possible additional fee – about 20 EUR per hour)
  • The Student also has the opportunity to sing the ensemble or group fragments of the part with other students who are interested in such collaborate

Minimum and maximum number of students

  • Minimum 1
  • Maximum 4

Number of teaching / production hours of the EOA module:

  • Working with the stage director – as a group – approx. 10 days of rehearsals (approx. 60 hours)
  • Ensemble rehearsals with conductor – 10 hours
  • Stage-orchestra rehearsals – 10 hours
  • The performance at the concert hall of the Academy of Music in Łódź, at 2a Żubardzka St. – 3 hours

Number of teaching / production hours of the EOA module

  • Working with the vocal teacher – approx. 20 hours – individual classes
  • Working with a pianist (opera coach) – approx. 40 hours

25 ECTs

Entrance examination:

Submit recordings. The application must include a link to a video recording (candidate singing with piano accompaniment).

Deadline: September 2020 or January 2021 (depends on the module period).

Description of the final examination:

The final exam: performing the main fragments of the opera part at the chamber concert hall of the Academy of Music in Łódź, at 32 Gdanska St.

Total expenses of the EOA module per student and what is included / excluded in this price:

Module is available within an Erasmus exchange (SMS or SMP)

Module could be also available as postgraduate studies. The fee is then approx. 2000 EUR (not included travel and living costs).

Module Code : LOD 3
Institution : Łódź
Dates : Oct-Jan 2020-21 / Feb-May 2021
Student : Singer
Language : English / Polish
Activity : Training / Operatic practice / Performance
Module Type : Professional training