POR 3 A. Preparing an Operatic Production for Stage Designers: Stage Design with Technical Supervision (Costume, Set and Light Design)

Period of the EOA module in 2022-2023

8th October 2022 – 28th January 2023

Description of the module

Stage Design with Technical Supervision (Costume, Set and Light Design)

Stage Design is, of course, divided according to specialties (Costume, Set and Light Design), and the aim of each module now offered within each specialty is to facilitate technical and artistry improvement through the use of different and specialised techniques and knowledge, according to the philosophy of building up costumes, sets and light designs within the preparation and performance of specialised operatic repertoire (from Baroque to Contemporary repertoire). The emphasis is on artistry within the process of making an opera. Each year there will be a different Opera Production which will be the aim (Part B) and consequence of this Module development (Part A). This module (within the different specialties now offered) has as the goal to enable the student autonomy, both in achieving methodological processes as well as the consolidation of a Stage Design and an artistic identity. This process will bring the student a new approach to Opera and Opera making, and it will enable the student to experience a live performance in front of an audience.

Specialty of this module in comparison with other courses in Europe

Preparing EOA students to participate in a fully staged work and will receive vocal coaching and acting to prepare the specific roles of this production. It will make the EOA student aware of the full team work and cooperation that an opera production requires, and it will make the singer aware of the interaction of all the EOA Modules, and how different areas are involved in an opera presentation (implementation of the set design, costumes, light, production, staging, orchestra, etc.)

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • Costume Design – Manuela Bronze
  • Set Design: Helder Maia/Marta Silva
  • Light Design: Rui Damas

Possible extras beside the module

Students may attend one theoretical seminar on the subject of Opera and Performance:

  • The Psychology of Performance – The underlying psychology to the study of operatic roles and other issues in opera. This Seminar will be given by Prof. Dr. Daniela Coimbra (PhD) – Professor on Psychology of Music, at ESMAE.

Besides that, Porto is a culturally interesting and beautiful city. Here you can profit from the musical and cultural activity at Casa da Música of Porto, a very active cultural point in the city, as well as the Teatro Nacional de São João, Rivoli Theatrre and Coliseum of Porto.

Minimum and maximum number of EOA students

1-4 students

Number of teaching/production hours of the EOA module

  • 10 -12 hours individual tuition
  • 45 hours group work

Number of ECTS within master accreditation

Until 20 ECTS

Entrance examination

  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • Video recording or link to video recording
  • Interview (The student will be contacted by ESMAE professors after assessing his/her materials)
  • Deadline: 
    • 15th April 2022

Teaching language

English – level 3

Total expenses of the EOA

  • This module is only available within Erasmus exchange (Master´s level), during the academic year 2022/23.
  • Students must provide their own accommodation, meals and traveling costs.
Module Code : POR 3 A
Institution : Porto
Dates : October 2022 – January 2023
Student : Stage Designer
Language : English
Activity : Design
Module Type : Training