VIL 1. Creating the Character in Opera

Period of the EOA module in 2022-2023:

  • 6 intensive weeks during Spring semester: March 6th – April 14th 2023

Open for:

  • 4 – 10 EOA students


Purpose of the study module: to master the specifics of creating an operatic character.

Length / frequency: 6 weeks (4-5 contact hours per week)

Components and content:

  1. The principles of the acting theory.
  2. The specifics of acting in opera.
  3. Understanding of and research into the libretto text.
  4. The process of creating a character.

The learning process will be organised in a series of workshop. We will begin with exercises to encourage relaxation and concentration in the creative process; exploring, analysing, and understanding the acting theory in general, and the specifics of application of this knowledge to the individual comprehension of the process. Further, we will move on to creating and performing scenes, monologues, and, finally, arias.

Topics of the module:

  • understanding of what actually acting is;
  • understanding the process of creating a character as a projection or a semiotic paradox;
  • analysis and comprehension of the acting process in the puppet theatre. Acting with an object of the audience perception;
  • the principles of the aesthetics of the Brechtian theatre;
  • mask acting, scenes using mask characters;
  • clown acting, principles, exercises, scenes;
  • using voice as a part of the character expression.

Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the study module, the student will be able to:

  • understand the character as a projection, an object upon which the creative process is imposed;
  • understand the specifics of actor’s transformation into a character;
  • analyse the libretto text as a source for creating a character;
  • understand the principles of the research into a character.


  • Practical training / singers and other stage performers / English language

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module

  • Sakalas Uzdavinys, Assoc. Prof. Adrija Cepaite, Assist. Raminta Verseckaitė


Possible extras beside the module:


Number of teaching /production hours of the EOA module

  • 80 hours (of which 32 contact hours and 48 hours of individual work)


Number of ECTS

  • 3 credits

Description of the final examination

  • Examination or Pass/Fail

(required minimum: 80% attendance of practical training classes)

 Entrance examination: week number, place

  • None

 Total expenses of the EOA module per student

  • Selected applicants are welcome with support of Erasmus or Nordplus student mobility grants. Exchange students do not pay tuition fee.
  • Fee for non-exchange (free mover) students is 290 Eur.

Students must provide their own accommodation, meals and traveling costs.

Module Code : VIL 1
Institution : Vilnius
Dates : March – April 2023
Student : Singers and other stage performers
Language : English
Activity : Acting / Performance
Module Type : Practical Training