Opera Production and Internship

February – March – April 2019
communication language: EN

1 or 2 piano students

Benjamin Britten - Albert Herring

This module offers 1 or 2 pianists specific accompaniment training in opera scenes. The course is designed for pianists aspiring to work as a vocal accompanist or as a studienleiter in the opera. The opera and accompaniment experience takes place in the stimulating environment of the deSingel Arts Campus.

Pianists will be supervised by a tutor and will accompany singers in different settings:

  • opera coaching (individual lessons dealing with the specific skills of an opera coach - (sight)reading orchestra opera scores
  • language coaching English
  • accompaniment of scenic interpretation lessons
  • accompaniment of staged rehearsals

The piano students will receive weekly individual feedback, personalized advice and new assignments by the head of piano accompaniment.

The goal is to improve the knowledge of Britten’s operatic repertoire and to address the specific needs and skills of accompaniment. The module helps pianists building up knowledge of the modern operatic repertoire and provides a full immersion into English language opera. Students exercise, develop and improve their skills as an accompanist of different voice types. Participants will interact with the regular students of the Conservatoire.

At the deSingel Arts Campus, you will be immersed into the professional international art scene on a daily basis. Concerts and presentations by major international musicians, theatre and dance companies intermingle with your lessons and the bridge with professional life is never far away. The Music department has forged strong connections with Kunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen Royal Ballet Flanders and with several music theatre companies.

Guy Joosten (scenic interpretation lessons)
Koen Kessels (coach piano accompaniment)
Aäron Wajnberg (opera coach, head of piano accompaniment)
Sabrina Avantario (opera coach)
Mathias Coppens ((sight)reading orchestra opera scores)
Andrew Wise (language coach)
Vocal teachers: Gary Jankowski, Stephanie Friede, Anne Cambier

About 20 hours / week.

Description of final examination:

Permanent artistic evaluation over 3 months

Possible extras:

Pianists are invited to the Kunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen Royal Ballet Flanders to listen and be involved in rehearsals or to attend pré-general or general rehearsals of the opera productions.Optional: masterclass piano Courses from the list of Elective Courses at the Royal Conservatoire, Antwerp

Activity: Training
Academy of music: Antwerp
Language training: English
Student: Pianists

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