The approach of foreign languages in singing

The essential value of the exchanges offered by Erasmus Mobility, both for students and teachers, has shown its effectiveness and potential throughout the years. The Music and Opera sector – international by its very nature – is certainly a sector that can benefit optimum from this mobility. However, in many cases, it is still not used to its full potential.

The more specific and targeted the modules offered are, the more effective the result that the Module on the exchange of teachers between Riga and Parma was conceived to address a very specific problem: the approach of foreign languages in singing. It is not simply a question of “learning a language”, nor of becoming a philologist, but it is a question of getting to the heart of interpretation, through the study of the complex relationship between music and speech, a relationship unique to each language. All this in the most practical, concise and effective way possible: an “Intensive program” of a maximum of 5 days. Parma and Riga experimented with it for Russian and Italian Languages. It could obviously be repeated for any other Languages.

Download the materials developed by WorkGroup 3: