Article compilation

During this project, all partners of workgroup 2, on innovation in the opera practice, have written short publications expressing their views on the subject. Each starting from their experience and expertise provides a rich variety of approaches and insights on the matter.

Participants in this workgroup on Innovative approaches to opera making: policy recommendations for opera training are:

  • Bruno Pereira (ESMAE Porto)
  • António Salgado (ESMAE Porto)
  • Vykintas Baltakas (LMTA Vilnius)
  • Mantautas Krukauskas (LMTA Vilnius)
  • Susanne Schimmack (Conservatorium Maastricht ZUYD),
  • Joachim Junghanss (Conservatorium Maastricht ZUYD),
  • Peter Missotten ( Maastricht

supported by Anja Krans and many others.


  • A new singer’s profile (?). Vocal approaches for new opera-making within the HEIs. How do we see it? Bruno Pereira (ESMAE, i2ADS) and António Salgado (ESMAE, CESEM) – p. 2

  • New musical reality and contemporary education: curricular development and methodological strategies at European conservatories (focus on Music Theater, Interdisciplinary art, Vocal studies and Opera) Vykintas Baltakas (LMTA) – p. 17

  • DEBUT OR DACAPO? The Opera Market between Tradition, Neo-tradition and Innovation. Susanne Schimmack (Conservatorium Maastricht ZUYD) – p. 76