September 1st – December 15th OR
February 1st – May 15th
communication languages EN/RU

5-10 vocal students

The course aims at training acting skills, development of psychotechnique, contextualization of artistic ideas and boosting opera singer’s artistic capacities.

The training is group (ensemble) and one-to-one including individual consultation and feedback from teacher who takes care that each student would have received individual guidance and maximum attention.

Acting studies include stagecraft, improvisation, games of storytelling and rehearsing process based on the play.

Lithuanian Theatre school follows K. Stanislavsky and M. Chekhov acting system. Methods of rehearsal and preparation include research into the world and characters of the play, analysis of the text and different approaches to it, building on, and developing from many of the principles formulated by major practitioners such as Stanislavsky and Chekhov.

Students will develop their own approach and working process, and will be able to create the character on their own, for a professional opera stage and productions. The course closes off with a public performance.

Adrija Čepaitė
Sakalas Uždavinys

Description of final examination:

Public Performance

56 hours during the semester, 112 hours during the academic year. There is a possibility to organize intensive 2 months studies (4 hours x 2 times during one week)

Possible extras:

  • Vocal coaching: Algirdas Janutas, Asta Krikščiūnaitė
  • Courses from the list of Elective Courses at LMTA
  • Intensive course “Introduction to Lithuanian Culture” (1 week, beginning of February)

Activity: Acting, Performance, Training
Academy of music: Vilnius
Student: Singers

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