Living and studying in the city of Linz

Anton Bruckner Private University – one of four universities in Linz – constitutes a dynamic and innovative center for the arts. Here performers and teachers of tomorrow receive an individualized education – inspired by the striking architecture of a new state of the art university building.

As one of five Austrian universities for music, drama and dance, the Bruckner University’s mission is three-fold, offering students a training ground for performing the arts, teaching the arts and academic research. Staging more than 500 events a year, the Bruckner University is also one of the region’s foremost organizers of cultural events, ranging from chamber and orchestral concerts, plays, dance and jazz performances as well as contemporary music concerts to podium discussions and lecture-performances.

Bustling student life

Linz offers a very lively atmosphere for students from all around the globe. Plenty of vibrant and cozy places to eat and drink complement the rich cultural offer. Various street and food festivals, poetry slams, live music jam sessions, pub quizzes, weekly campus parties at the main University Campus as well as monthly electronic music themed nights at the University of the Arts round out the experience, if one so chooses. Linz has it all – it combines both – city life and small-town charm. It incorporates everything you’d need and expect from a big city and yet it provides an extremely green environment. Lots of parks are sprinkled all over the city and the banks of the Danube offer great opportunities for late night campfires, barbecuing and swimming where you can bring along your guitar and enjoy the scenery.

The ABPU is located close to the city center where most of the cultural and gastronomical life is happening. It sits at the foot of one of the city’s landmarks, the “Pöstlingberg”, a mountain which serves as a great vantage point over the city and its surroundings.

Bruckner University’s new building impresses with its striking architecture and creates the ideal environment for many-facetted encounters with music, drama and dance. Students from more than 50 different nations are currently enrolled at Bruckner University and turn our campus into a truly international place. The park surrounding the university and the bistro with terrace service are freely accessible to the public. Due to the manageable size of the university you will find yourself in a very familiar and forthcoming environment.

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There are many good and affordable student residences throughout the city which not only offer good accommodation, but also a great opportunity for meeting new people. Many residences try to offer plenty of activities and events in order to make their residents feel right at home. But in Linz it is also easy to find a room in a shared apartment in case you prefer a smaller and more private atmosphere.

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