Living and studying in the city of Maastricht

Maastricht. City on the river Maas. Built on Roman foundations. Surrounded by green rolling hills. Famous for its cobbled streets, bustling nightlife and rich cultural scene. Not just in the city itself, but also just across the border, as Maastricht lies in the triangle formed by the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Luxembourg and France are within driving distance. Cities like Brussels, Liege, Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf, with their countless venues and museums, are only a stone’s throw away. The international appeal of the city of Maastricht is enhanced by the constant influx of students from around the globe. They are drawn to Conservatorium Maastricht, its parent organisation Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, and to Maastricht University.

Bustling student life

The city’s bustling student life mainly takes place in the historic centre of Maastricht, where the living is good and the centre is always nearby. Where you can wander around for hours without getting lost. Where you will find lots of nice places to eat and drink. And where cultural events and activities are organised all the time. The perfect place to gain experience at major venues. The ideal place to enrich your studies with the output of other arts programmes, such as iArts, the Jan van Eyck Academy and the Academy of Performing Arts. An even better place if you want to learn more by joining the many concert and opera houses, orchestras, choirs, wind bands, ensembles and music festivals in Maastricht and other cities in the area.


There is a lot of nice, small-scale student accommodation in the centre of Maastricht. A large part of it is rented and maintained by the housing corporations Woonpunt, Servatius and Maasvallei. Other accommodation is privately owned. If you are new to Maastricht, you should certainly register with Maastricht Housing. Maastricht Housing is an initiative of Maastricht University, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the Jan van Eyck Academy. This platform acts as an intermediary between students and all providers of student accommodation.

Foreign student?

If you are a foreign student, we also recommend that you have a look at .