LOD 2. Francesco Cavalli – “L’egisto” – Performance of a role in fully staged opera production

Period of the EOA module in 2025-2026:

Autumn Semester 2025: October – November 2025

NOTE: This module is a continuation of LOD 1, and it is planned to happen in the first semester of the academic year 2025-2026. Check with your International Officer whether you will be eligible for Erasmus Grants in the academic year 2025-2026.

Description of the module:

Perform a role in a fully staged opera production “L’Egisto” by Francesco Cavalli. Professional training and preparations finalised with complete public performance with orchestra. Considering a short time of training we prefer students with high awarness of a baroque style and very good knowledge of musical material.

This includes:

  • Vocal coaching (theory of the affects, rhetoric, parlar cantando, performance practices of 17th century, early Italian ornamentation)
  • Acting
  • Language coaching
  • Musical rehearsals with the conductor/harpsichordist and orchestra
  • Stage rehearsals with the stage director.

Kind of voice and role:

  • Tenor – Egisto
  • Tenor – Hipparco
  • Soprano – Climene
  • Soprano – Clori
  • Soprano –  L’Aurora/Amore/Ora prima
  • Soprano – Bellezza/Semele/Ora seconda
  • Soprano – Voluptia/Fedra/Ora terza
  • Soprano – Venere/Hero/Ora quarta
  • Mezzosoprano – Dema
  • Mezzosoprano – La Notte/Didone
  • Bass – Lidio
  • Bass – Apollo

Specialty of this module in comparison with other courses in Europe

  • The module gives the possibility of acquiring specialized training in the area of early baroque music.

Possible extras beside the module:

  • Baroque Program – supplementary seminars devoted to Theory of the Affects and Ornamentation
  • All concerts and events produced by University of Music in Lodz (free admission for EOA students)
  • Participation in selected concerts and activities of Vocal Department (upon your choice) 

Number of teaching / production hours of the EOA module:

From 20-40 hours of production rehearsals per week


  • Working with the vocal coaches
  • Working with the conductor
  • Working with the stage director


  • Ensemble rehearsals with singers and the conductor
  • Ensemble rehearsals with singers and the stage director

Ensemble rehearsals with singers, orchestra, the conductor and the stage director

Number of ECTS:


Minimum and maximum number of students:

1 – 12  max

Entrance examination:

Contact the coordinator:

Anna Werecka


The following attachments shall be submitted with the application:

  • CV
  • Repertoire list
  • Two videos (for example via YouTube)
  • Repertoire for the application:
  1. one fragment of Cavalli’s Egisto or any piece from the early 17th century (Caccini, Monteverdi etc.)
  2. one aria upon your choice.

Description of the final Examination

Public performance of a fully staged opera at the Concert Hall of the University of Music in Łódź. The premiere and the following performances will take place during the renowned AŻ Festival. 

Deadline for application and requirements:

  • 1st deadline: 30 April 2024
  • 2nd deadline 15 September 2024

Date for expected answers:

  • 1st deadline: 15 May 2024
  • 2nd deadline: 30 September 2024

Total expenses of the EOA module per student and what is included/excluded in this price

  • Module is available within an Erasmus exchange.

Note! Please, contact your Erasmus office as early as possible in order to be qualified in time for Erasmus

scholarship. All qualified Erasmus candidates must be first nominated by the Erasmus office of the sending institution – international@amuz.lodz.pl

  • Module could be also available as postgraduate studies. The fee is then approx. 2000 EUR (travel and living costs not included).


English, Italian


Training / Operatic practice / Performance

Module type: 

Opera performance

Module Code : LOD 2
Institution : Łódź
Dates : Autumn Semester 2025: October 2025
Student : Singer
Language : English, Italian, German
Activity : Training / Operatic practice / Performance
Module Type : Operatic Practice; Production