PAR 1. Giuseppe Verdi: Vocal and Acting interpretation in Verdi’s operas

Period of the EOA module in 2024-2025

ERASMUS students (SMS and STT) may choose a mobility within one semester (or both)

  • Winter Semester: 1 October 2024 – 2nd week of February 2025
  • Spring Semester: 3rd week of February 2024- 30 of June 2025


This module guides the student through a path of vocal and scenic interpretation of one or more scenes from Verdi’s operas. They are planned as follows:

  • Analysis, study and full understanding of Verdi’s libretto(s) and character(s) chosen.
  • Vocal technique and style coaching in Verdi’s repertoire.
  • Advanced Italian pronunciation and diction classes.
  • Individual coaching and group work: vocal and score lessons, and group work on Scenic Art (Training of the actor’s body, physical and gestural laboratory).
  • Preparation for final exam and concert(s). Classes will be held in Italian and English.

ERASMUS SMS students have to choose other courses (e.g. Poetry for music and dramaturgy, Opera History etc.) among those annually proposed by the Conservatory, to reach the total number of required credits and complete the Learning Agreement.

Specialty of this module in comparison with other courses in Europe

Special attention will be given to the study of proper Italian diction and pronunciation with native Italian teachers, in building the chosen Verdi’s character (both scenic and vocal) with full linguistic and stylistic background. Choice of repertoire according to student’s needs. Possible exchange and collaboration with other students of the Conservatory working on the same repertoire. A unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the rich operatic music culture of the territory, attending places of unique musical interest, within the Conservatory (Musical Section of Libreria Palatina, Boito’s Studio and Toscanini’s Studio) or in the immediate nearby of it (the Library of the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani, specialized in 19th-century opera and music in general, with particular emphasis on the life and work of Giuseppe Verdi, the Museo dell’Opera, the Casa della Musica etc.).

Kind of voice and role

All kind of roles, suited to Verdi repertoire

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • Donatella Saccardi, Lucetta Bizzi, Claudia Marchi and Teaching staff (Vocal coach) from the Singing and Music Theatre Department of the Conservatory 
  • Roberta Faroldi (diction and actor’s work)
  • Claudia Rondelli, Roberta Ropa, Laura Soracco, Luca Sabatino (Score and Repertoire).

    Possible extras in addition to this module:

    Upon request a little tour of the main “music treasures” of Verdi’s land: the birthplace of Verdi and Villa Sant’Agata, the Toscanini Museum, the world renowned Teatro Regio, the beautiful Teatro Farnese (17th century), the Casa del Suono, etc. Opportunity to join Italian Course level A2+B1 in the first semester or English Course level B1 or B2 in second semester. October is the month of the Parma Verdi Festival. Facilities are offered to enrolled students who want to experience a show at the Teatro Regio and/or other planned locations.

    Open for:

    Max 2

    Number of teaching/production hours of the EOA module

    60 hours of teaching (individual lessons + group lessons) per semester

    Number of ECTS within master accreditation: depending to the effective number of hours done

    Entrance examination:

    Online examination through the Application, that needs to include:

    • CV
    • Repertoire
    • Videos: AT LEAST ONE VERDI!
    • Motivational letter (optional)

    Description of final examination:

    Performance    of    an    operatic    full    Verdi    scene in front    of    a    jury.    The examination may coincide with a public concert.

    Teaching language/Required level of language

    Italian (min A2 to be improved) and English (B2).

    Total expenses of the EOA module per student and what is included/excluded in this price

    Erasmus students (STT) only. No extra fees.

    Deadline for applications:

    • 1st deadline: 30 April 2024
    • 2nd deadline: 15 October 2024 

    Date for expected answers:

    • 1st deadline: 30 June 2024
    • 2nd deadline: 15 December 2024

    Module Code : PAR 1
    Institution : Parma
    Dates : Winter Semester: 1 October 2024 – 2nd week of February 2025 OR Spring Semester: 3rd week of February 2025- 30 of June 2025
    Student : Singer
    Language : Italian
    Activity : Acting / Performance / Training
    Module Type : Composer-based