POR 1. Preparing Operatic Roles

Methodology: Improvisation, Movement, Vocality and E-Motion Arousal as a Body and Vocal approach to Opera Singing and Opera Making


Period of the EOA module in 2024 – 2025: 

08 October 2024 to 28 January 2025

Open for:

1-3 vocal students

Description of the module: 

a. Vocal Performance with Technical Supervision 

The aim of this section of the module is to facilitate vocal improvement through the use of improvisation, movement, emotional arousal accurate vocal technique in accordance with the preparation and performance of specialized operatic repertoire (from Baroque to Contemporary repertoire. Special attention will be given to technical problems, vocal characterization, style and interpretation as well as performance practices. The focus of this module will also be on vocal improvement and on vocal technique within the preparation and performance of operatic roles. The emphasis is on artistry and the process of the vocal training through the preparation of operatic roles). Other genres of vocal repertoire such as Lied, Song and Chanson may also be part of a specialized vocal study. This module has as the goal to enable the student autonomy, both in achieving methodological processes as well as the consolidation of a vocal as well as an artistic identity.

Names of the professors of this module:

  • António Salgado
  • Rui Taveira

B. Acting for Singers in the Preparation of Operatic Roles 

The aim of this section of the module is to facilitate the student’s artistic autonomy both in methodological processes as well as the consolidation of an artistic identity. Through an organization of their knowledge and skills (creative, sensory and cognitive) the student will be able to develop interpretative operatic roles taking in account previous dramaturgic assumptions for the purpose of live performance.

  • Master a variety of techniques of movement and acting.
  • Develop somatic and emotional body-mind approaches to performance practice
  • Increase awareness of the poetic universe of the performer
  • Develop the singular nature of each opera singer during live performance and during collective interaction.

The main purpose of this module is to consolidate the performer skills, giving a particular focus to the work on stage in the interaction with the director and the maestro. Issues of scenic presence in relation with the scene/stage will also be explored. Scenic experimentation through body movement, improvisation, vocality and the arousing of emotion will bring the student a new approach to Opera and Opera making. This module will enable the student to experience a live performance in front of an audience.

Names of the professors of this module:

  • Claire Bynion
  • António Salgado
  • Claudia Marisa
  • António Durães

Minimum and maximum number of EOA students

1-3 vocal students

Number of teaching/production hours of the EOA module

10-12 hours of individual tuition & 45 hours of group work

Number of ECTS within master accreditation


Entrance examination

Video recording or link to video recording

Description of the final examination

Public performance on stage with piano

Teaching language

English – level 3

  • This module is only available within Erasmus exchange (Master´s level), during the academic year 2023/24.
  • Students must provide their own accommodation, meals and travelling cost
Module Code : POR 1
Institution : Porto
Dates : 08 October 2024 – 28 January 2025
Student : Singer
Language : English
Activity : Acting / Performance
Module Type : Professional training