VAL 1. Performance of an operatic role in a fully staged chamber opera production (Singers)

Title/s to be announced

Period of the EOA module in 2024 – 2025:

From 01 October 2023 to 22 December 2024

Description of the EOA module:

Professional training and preparation for an opera role, concluding with the performance of a fully staged chamber opera production (title to be announced).

This includes:

  • Singing lessons
  • Repertoire lessons
  • Acting
  • Language coaching
  • Musical rehearsals with the conductor, pianists and/or instrumental ensemble.
  • Stage rehearsals with the stage director, the conductor and the pianists.
  • Performance with piano accompaniment or instrumental ensemble

In order to study the specific roles of the production.

Kind of voice and role (Title and roles to be announced):

  • Tenor
  • Baritone
  • Bass

Speciality of this module in comparison with other courses:

Valencia is a major cultural centre and encourages immersion into the professional opera and music scene:  Palau de les Arts Opera House, concerts and presentations by major international musicians.

In addition, there are many events and festivals throughout the year (i.e. Las Fallas). With a rich history in modern architectural masterpieces (City of Arts and Sciences), Valencia’s deep, multicultural roots, cosmopolitan flavor, and warm climate to make it a true Mediterranean gem.

Also, Valencia is one of Spain’s (and Europe’s) most affordable cities for student accommodation.

Names of the professors of this module:

  • Singing: Gloria Fabuel, Carlos López Galarza, Pilar Moral, Amparo Quevedo, Ofelia Sala, Charo Vallés
  • Opera coaches: Carles Budó, Francesc Gamón, Pablo García-Berlanga, Adrià Gràcia, Diego Sánchez, Miquel Carbonell,
  • Conductor: Juan Pablo Hellín
  • Stage director: Jaume Martorell, Araceli Bergillos

Possible extras besides the module:

  • Masterclasses
  • Concerts at different venues in Valencia
  • Attending opera performances at Palau de les Arts
  • Exchange and collaboration with other students of the Conservatory working on the same production

Minimum and maximum number of EOA students

  • Minimum 1 student
  • Maximum 3 students

Number of teaching/production hours of the EOA module:

Teaching: The first 8 weeks

  • Working with the singing teachers
  • Working with the opera coaches
  • Working with the conductor and vocal coaches
  • Working with the stage director and vocal coaches

Production: The following 4 weeks

  • Ensemble rehearsals with the singers and conductor
  • Ensemble rehearsals with the singers and stage director

Number of ECTS within master accreditation:


Entrance examination:

Contact the coordinator:

Charo Vallés

The materials to submit with your application are:

  • CV
  • Repertoire
  • Two Videos (it can be a link to YouTube or any other platform)


  • First: 01 June 2024
  • Second: 01 September 2024

Date for expected answers:

  • 1st deadline: 15 June 2024
  • 2nd deadline: 15 September 2024

Description of the final Examination:

  • Public performance
  • Permanent Artistic Evaluation

Teaching language:

Spanish, English, Italian, French and German

Total expenses of the EOA module per student and what is included/excluded in this price:

  • Free for students in Erasmus Programme
  • Module is available within an Erasmus exchange
Module Code : VAL 1
Institution : Valencia
Dates : 01 October – 22 December 2024
Student : Singer
Language : Spanish / English / Italian / French / German
Activity : Training / Operatic practice / Acting / Performance
Module Type : Opera production