POR 3. Preparing an Operatic Production, for Stage Designers

Period of the EOA module in 2020-2021

5 October 2020 to 31 January 2021

This Module is divided in two parts:

A – Background knowledge and experience and

B – The preparation of an Opera

Stage Design with Technical Supervision (Costume, Set and Light Design)

Open for

1-3 students

Stage Design is, of course, divided according to specialties (Costume, Set and Light Design), and the aim of each module now offered within each specialty is to facilitate technical and artistry improvement through the use of different  and specialized techniques and knowledge, according to the philosophy of building up costumes, sets and light designs within the preparation and performance of specialized operatic repertoire (from Baroque to Contemporary repertoire). The emphasis is on artistry within the process of making an opera. Each year there will be a different Opera Production which will be the aim (Part B) and consequence of this Module development (Part A). This module (within the different specialties now offered) has as the goal to enable the student autonomy, both in achieving methodological processes as well as the consolidation of a Stage Design and an artistic identity. This process will bring the student a new approach to Opera and Opera making, and it will enable the student to experience a live performance in front of an audience.

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • Costume Design – Manuela Bronze;
  • Set Design: Helder Maia;
  • Light Design: Rui Damas


  • 10 -12 hours individual tuition
  • 45 hours group work

Preparation of an Opera Performance in fully staged Opera Production with orchestra in Porto*

1st of March to 7th July 2021

Open for: 1-3 tudents

This Module is only open for those students that have done Part A of the Module and, though, have acquired the knowledge and experience necessary and sufficient to be able to construct costumes, scenery and light designs work for the out coming opera production. Or, for those who can demonstrate through portfolios their ability and knowledge in the construction of costumes, sets and light designs.

*The Opera Production for 20-21 is not yet decided but soon it will be announced in EOA Site.

(The Opera for this year is still in negotiation with the National Theatre of Porto: TNSJ. Soon it will be fully announced*)


  • 10 -12 hours individual tuition
  • 45 hours group work

Description of final examination

Full staged Opera.

Possible extras 

Students may attend one, or both, of these theoretical seminars on the subject of Opera and Performance:

1. Opera communication systems in history and in actuality: a sociological approach. Seminar given by Prof. Dr. Mário Vieira de Carvalho – member of the Administrative Counsel of the European Music Theatre Academy and President of CESEM – Center of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics Studies

2. The Psychology of Performance – The underlying psychology to the study of operatic roles and other issues in opera. This Seminar will be given by Prof. Dr. Daniela Coimbra (PhD) – Professor on Psychology of Music, at ESMAE.

Besides that, Porto is a culturally interesting and beautiful city. Here you can profit from the musical and cultural activity at Casa da Música of Porto, a very active cultural point in the city, as well as the Teatro Nacional de São João, Rivoli Theatre and the Coliseum of Porto.

*The Opera suggested by the National Theater is: The Importance of Being Earnest? An Opera by Gerald Barry based on Oscar Wilde´s homonymous Play (but other titles may be suggested and are still in discussion with the São João National Theater.)

Irish composer Gerald Barry’s opera with Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest was staged for the first time in the UK in June 2013.