PAR 4. Piano Accompaniment and Opera Coaching (pianists, training )

Period of the EOA module in 2021-2022

ERASMUS students (SMS) may choose a mobility within one semester (or both)

  • Winter Semester: 1 October 2021 – 1st week of February 2022
  • Spring Semester: last week of February 2021- 3rd week of June 2022

Communication languages EN/IT

Open for: 1 – 3 piano students

This module guides the student to master the complex and difficult art of the piano accompaniment in opera.

  • Performance practice and repertoire (individual lessons,on specific operas according to student’s needs and choices, main opera repertoire, analysis, study and practice on chosen opera scores, different (vocal) accompaniment techniques according to different music styles)
  • Répétiteur and coach techniques (theoretical and practical lessons on the basso continuo, as a stage-rehearsal accompanist, how to play under direction)
  • Specialized practice (vocal repertoire: chamber music and opera scores)
  • Score playing (reading piano- and orchestra opera scores)
  • Little practical internship in Singing lessons and Scenic Art lessons (different needs, different skills)
  • Possible participation in Masterclass(es), essays and concerts as a piano accompanist Classes will be held in Italian and English.

ERASMUS students might have to choose other courses among those annually proposed by the Conservatory, to reach the total number of required credits.

Exchange and collaboration with other students of the Conservatory.

A unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the rich operatic music culture of the territory, attending places of unique musical interest, within the Conservatory (Musical Section of Libreria Palatina, Boito’s Studio and Toscanini’s Studio) or in the immediatenearby of it (the Library of the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani, specialized in 19th century opera and music in general, with particular emphasis on the life and work of Giuseppe Verdi, the Museo dell’Opera, the Casa della Musica, Teatro Regio, etc.).

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module

  • Nicola Mottaran (Coordinator of Piano accompaniment) Fabio Ferrucci (Tutor)
  • Teaching staff from the Singing and Music Theatre Department of the Conservatory. Description of final examination:

30 minutes performance in piano accompaniment of voice (and/or opera scenes)

Possible extras

Upon request a little tour of the main “music treasures” of Verdi’s land: the birthplace of Verdi and Villa Sant’Agata, the Toscanini Museum, the worldrenowned Teatro Regio, the beautiful Teatro Farnese (17th century), the Casa del Suono, etc. Opportunity to join Italian Course lev. A2+B1 in the first semester or English Course level B1 or B2 in second semester. October is the month of the Parma Verdi Festival. Facilities are offered to enrolled students who want to experience a show at the Teatro Regio and/or other planned locations.


Via application form in EOA website. Keep in mind you will need to include:

  • CV
  • Repertoire
  • Videos

ERASMUS students (SMS) may choose a mobility within one semester (or both)

GEN 4. Opera Coaching for Pianists

Period of the EOA module in 2021-2022

  • September 21st, 2021 – January 24th, 2022


  • February 19th, 2021 – May 19th, 2022

Open for:

  • 1-2 piano students

Module for students currently studying for a bachelor, master’s or third cycle degree.


  • Opera coaching
  • Score reading
  • Singing lessons
  • Practice of opera coaching in several projects of the vocal department (participating and accompanying masterclasses, projects, lessons, stage- productions)
  • Construction of a target opera repertoire
  • Phonetics and operatic diction (French, English, German, Italian, Russian)
  • Knowledge of the international operatic world
  • Masterclass
  • Individual follow-up and personalized advice

Full methodology program concerning the preparation of opera professional coaching for pianists. Individual teaching with full recognition of the artistic potential and possibilities of each student in agreement with the international professional context.

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • James Alexander (opera coaching)
  • Nina Uhari, Réginald Le Reun (practice of opera coaching)
  • Sacha Michon, Barbara Zanicchelli, Florence Millon-Krattenmacher (Phonetics and operatic diction)
  • Sacha Michon (Singing lessons)
  • Vincent Theyenaz, Celine Latour (Scores reading)

Possible extras:

  • Preparation of an entire role from opera repertoire, Nina Uhari, Graham Lilly
  • Grotowski’s Actor Training, Marc Mayoraz
  • Masterclasses and seminars
  • Conducting sessions, Celso Antunes
  • Chamber music (with singers), Guy-Michel Caillat
  • Baroque opera coaching (maestro al cembalo), Leonardo Garcia Alarcon


100 hours

Entrance examination: Requiered repertoire: Contact the Dean:

Description of the final examination:

  • Progress examination

Total expenses of the EOA module per student and what is included/ excluded in this price:

  • Full time module: free for students in Erasmus Programme (Swiss Mobility Programme)

Communication language: English and French

FLO 2. Maestro collaboratore (vocal coach)

Period of the EOA module in 2021-2022:

  • January 15th, 2022 – April 20th,2022

Meet the Italian Belcanto tradition in the town that hosted the first operatic creation. An all-Italian experience on the operatic repertoire from Baroque to Verdi and Puccini. Piano accompanying lesson on style and technique, repertoire study with vocal coaches, Italian language and diction class, Opera class with acting and staging seminars, final concert with semi-staged performance of full operatic scenes.

Study repertoire:

  1. Two Opera vocal scores in Italian, from Mozart to Puccini
  2. A group arias in Italian, including recitativos and/or cabalettas if present
  3. Operatic scenes or ensembles


Pianist / vocal coach

Specialty of this module in comparison with other courses in Europe:

We give the participants the possibility to develop their skills as a vocal coach (maestro collaboratore). Our teachers and coaches have a long experience in the tuition of international students, as in our Vocal studies Faculty more than 50% of students are from all the continents. Being in Firenze (Dante’s home town) allows you to absorb the good “reference” Italian diction directly from the people you will meet in the street, as the Florentine language is the basis of the modern Italian language.

Name(s) of the professor(s):

  • Piano and Vocal Coaching Teachers: Andrea Severi, Antonella Bellettini, Ulla Casalini, Anna Toccafondi, Elisabetta Sepe, Daniela Freschi, Marco Bargagna
  • History of Opera: Guglielmo Pianigiani
  • Art song practise/ Italian diction for coaches: Leonardo De Lisi

Possible extras:

  • Masterclass with renown singers and opera directors.
  • Free entrance to rehearsals at Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.
  • A short programme (incl. city tour) concentrating on special ‘musical’ aspects of the city: Palazzo Pitti (where the first opera ever was staged in 1600, Peri’s “L’Euridice”), Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori (historic pianos), Museo degli Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia, etc.

Minimum and maximum number of EOA students:


Number of teaching / production hours:

Up to 20 hours/week

Number of ECTS within master:

3 months Module will award 24 ECTS

  • “Piano accompaniment lessons” 1-to-1 6 ECTS
  • “Repertoire practice lessons” 1-to1 3 ECTS
  • “Conducting techniques for opera coaches” 3 ECTS
  • “Italian Diction for singers/coaches” 3 ECTS
  • “History of Opera” lecture 3 ECTS
  • “Art song practise” 6 ECTS

ONLY Erasmus mobilities for Studies or Traineeship from EOA partners will be accepted

Entrance examination:

Before April 15th, 2021, by email only:

  1. Please, send a link to a recent performance of yours (from not more than 1 year ago) including at least:
  2. ONE piano solo piece of free choice or TWO Lieder (or Art Songs) accompanying a singer
  3. ONE operatic aria or scene, accompanying a singer
  4. A brief curriculum and a complete list of studied operatic vocal score in Italian (only word or pdf file, please, or link to personal artistic website)

By May 15th, 2020, candidates will receive a response about selection. If successfully selected, students will be required to confirm their choice before June 30th.

Description of the final Examination:

  • Module: Semi-staged operatic scenes and recital with arias/songs in public concerts at the end of the module
  • Erasmus mobility : each class will award a note of evaluation by the teacher and ECTs

Teaching language/ Required level of language:

  • Italian (main)
  • English (secondary)
  • We require that EOA students have a minimum B1 Italian language level.

Total expenses of the EOA module per student and what is included / excluded in this price:

Erasmus mobility: no tuition fee

ONLY Erasmus mobilities for studies or traineeship from EOA partners will be accepted

Contact person:

Prof. Leonardo De Lisi