Living and studying in the city of Geneva

The Haute école de musique de Genève (Geneva HEM) covers a historical and stylistic field ranging from mediaeval music to contemporary creation, as well as non-European music. The Geneva HEM originated from the professional sections of two older institutions: the Geneva Conservatory of Music, Switzerland’s oldest Conservatory, founded in 1835, and the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute, founded in 1915. The HEM is a prominent cultural institution in the region as well as an internationally renowned artistic and teaching community.
The school is attended by over 600 students from five continents, including a hundred studying at its Neuchâtel branch. They are trained by around a hundred highly qualified permanent and guest teachers, all of them pursuing an active artistic or academic career. The school’s university-level courses are officially recognised by the Swiss government and provide excellent professional opportunities for its graduates. Since 2009 the HEM has been part of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO), a major French-language university with 19,000 students.

Student life

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. Its official language is French, but it is also common to speak in English and in other languages. Geneva is a unique and multicultural city which has a large international community. Its old town is one of the best preserved in Europe, with a beautiful atmosphere and a lively nightlife. The city is located by the lake, along the Rhône river and is surrounded by mountains.
The Geneva HEM is located in various buildings in the city centre, where most of the cultural and gastronomic life takes place. Geneva offers a rich cultural life: numerous concerts – notably in two exceptional concert halls, the Grand Théâtre de Genève and the Victoria Hall – as well as many museums and galleries, all offering special discounts for students.
Students of the HEM also have access to the wide range of cultural, sporting and social activities organised by the University of Geneva.


The HEM does not provide its own housing, but its students have access to accommodation such as the Foyer de Champel, the Foyer Dassier and the Foyer Dumas. The “geloge foundation” offers accommodation to students of the University of Applied Sciences of Geneva, including the HEM, and gives them the opportunity to meet other students:
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