The ISEACV campus consists of 13 higher education institutions that cover 5 different fields: dramatic art, plastic arts (ceramics), dance, design and music: 

Performing Arts
Plastic Arts

The ISEACV’s mission is to train outstanding professionals in the field of higher artistic education and to foster the creation and research of humanistic, scientific, technical and artistic excellence, and to contribute to society with internationally renowned graduates to consolidate the Valencian Region’s commitment to culture.

Decisions and behaviours of the entire ISEACV community are guided by the following values:

  • Creativity and innovation: Promote creativity through research and lifelong learning, as a driver of innovation and a key factor in the development of ISEACV and its intellectual capital.
  • Cooperation: Establish a participatory leadership, in which teachers, students and administration and service staff work together in a single project, in search of common goals.
  • Knowledge transfer: The pursuit of excellence through research and the dissemination of the growing knowledge accumulated in our centres.
  • Flexibility: Adaptation of higher education to social reality, with a variety of professional paths, and to international reality, with the interconnection between centres in favor of student and teacher mobility.
  • Interdisciplinary: Identify and enrich ourselves by respecting the peculiarities of each specialty in search of complementarity, integration and development of common projects.
  • Efficiency and efficiency: Optimisation in the organisation and management of resources. Finding ways to achieve more returns with the same resources through quality control systems.