Living and studying in the city of Stockholm

Uniarts offers incoming students from other universities the possibility to study for shorter or longer periods of time at one of our departments. Exchanges usually take place within one of the following programmes:

– Erasmus + Visit the website here
– Linneaus-Palme Visit the website here
– Nordplus Visit the website here

You can find more information about the programmes at the website of Swedish Council for Higher Education. Visit the website here

Find housing

Uniarts has very limited ability to help you with housing. Below we have listed some tips to make your search a bit easier. Remember that finding private accommodation in Stockholm may be hard work but most students find somewhere to live after a while.

Visiting the web site Study in Stockholm can be a good start. There you will find information about student accommodation and other accommodation alternatives. There you can also get a short review of different student accommodation agencies and learn about their supply. Moreover, you can take a look at the following sites:
» Visit Stockholm
» Study in Sweden
» Sök studentbostad
» Studentlya
» Svenska Bostäder
» SSCO – Stockholms studentkårs centralorganisation

» Stockholmtown

For more information, please visit our website.