Living and studying in the city of Antwerp

Anna Heuer Hansen, a danish dance student at the conservatoire made this short film about her life studying in Antwerp.

At the Arts Campus, you will be immersed into the international music scene on a daily basis from day one of your study. Concerts and presentations by major international musicians mingle seamlessly with your lessons and the bridge with professional life is never far away. Collaborative projects with professional organisations, student placements with the best ensembles, orchestras or choirs, artistic entrance examination training, coaching sessions with experienced national and international artists, rehearsals and masterclasses with renowned musicians and various optional projects will equip you with confidence for professional musical life. The building up of a professional network and the ability to work in an entrepreneurial and creative way are focus points of the study programme. The Instrument/Voice programme offers you thorough, highly-individualised training in a wide range of styles and genres, including interdisciplinary work, and historical and/or contemporary performance practice.

deSingel – arts campus

The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp houses in deSingel, an arts campus for theatre, dance, music and architecture, meant for a broad art-loving audience.

The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp is a haven for international artists, students and a varied art-loving public. Next to the educational rooms, the large-scale infrastructure comprises a medium-sized concert hall (966 seats), a large theatre for drama and dance (803 seats), an exhibition area, a music studio (150 seats) and a theatre studio (270 seats). Production, teaching and learning are the focus points on the arts campus programme.

Expertise in physical therapy and prevention

In recent years, the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp has developed an expertise in medical guidance for Dance and Music students. It should come as no surprise that professional dancing presents challenges to dancers’ bodies. But musicians also have to deal with strain injuries more often than you think. They always occur at inopportune moments and in busy periods such as just before or during exams, concerts or performances. It is therefore very important that our students learn how to deal with the physical strain on their bodies even more so for vocalists.

An investigation into ‘the prevention and treatment of strain injuries’ among our dance and music students led to the adjustment of our training programmes, raising awareness, providing advice and specialized guidance for students.

Student life

Foreign students

A useful website is: Providing various information for students living, studying and enjoying themselves in the city of Antwerp. Sphinx, our very own conservatoire student party-comitée organises social activities and parties for students. You can follow them on their facebookpage.

Social services

Social Services Hogeschool Antwerpen and aims at meeting the needs of all College students. Here students are welcome for help with social problems, work, psychosocial support and accommodation.

Stuvo AP

Mutsaertstraat 29
B-2000 Antwerpen
T 03 220 59 00

Find out all you need to know about life in the city, touristic information and more here.


There is no specific student accommodation for music students, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp does not provide its own student housing. Rooms and flats, however, are available in various price categories (starting from approx. € 250 /month). For addresses and information, you can check KOTWEB.

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